About Connect Assynt

Our Mission

Connect Assynt is a company Limited by Guarantee, with charitable status, which aims to provide community transport in Assynt and the surrounding areas.


Connect Assynt aims to:

  • add to community transport in Assynt, for the benefit of older/less mobile people and non-drivers
  • get folk to local activities as well as beyond 
  • connect people with other local voluntary groups and statutory services.
  • provide local transport information. 
  • help “join up” current services so they can keep going too.

How does it help us?

  • Gets more people to places we need.
  • Gets more people to places we want to go to.
  • Helps keep activities and services available locally.
  • Harnesses the experience and energy of volunteers who give freely  of their time to help others.
  • Helps us keep up with friends and meet new people
  • Helps support local businesses, eg shops, cafes etc 
  • Gets different age/ability groups together
  • Save on energy bills!!


Trust in Connect Assynt


Connect Assynt fulfils all corporate requirements and is fully insured and licensed.
Connect Assynt protects vulnerable people and does not share personal information.
Connect Assynt treats people fairly, impartially and respects diversity, and always ensures safety and promotes health.
Connect Assynt is a member of the Community Transport Association.
All staff, directors and volunteers are trained appropriately.
Connect Assynt is run by folk experienced in providing community buses and caring for vulnerable people, and who live in Assynt!



Connect Assynt works along with and takes advice from Community Care Assynt (The Assynt Centre)


Informal Partnerships and Supporters

  • Assynt Leisure - for Learning, Youth and fitness activities and staff/volunteer training
  • Highland Council - for training/information/advice
  • Adjoining community transport services, e.g. T4T - sharing training and good practice


Organisations who have expressed a wish to, or already use Connect Assynt:


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